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North Beach News - 8/7/2021
To all six of you candidates for the three seats in the primary election: What is your biggest challenge to winning election?

I have a message that resonates among our local citizens: Transparency, Public Safety and Infrastructure--something everyone wants. I have not had one person say they don’t support these ideas and the more our citizens hear the message, the more they will come out and support me.
My biggest challenge, as I see it, is that I need to deliver this message to the other approximately 4,000 registered voters that didn’t vote in our recent primary.
I’m sure that the majority of these citizens don’t have or even read social media. They are not involved in our local day-to-day politics. Why should they? They’ve entrusted their elected representative to do the job they were elected to do. They are busy with their own lives and there is nothing wrong with that.
I need to find more creative ways to get the message to them. Our radio station does not accept advertising or interview candidates. Our local edition of the North Coast News shut down so the only newspaper available to us is the Daily World, which primarily focuses on Hoquiam and Aberdeen.
As I’ve said in my Meet and Greets and at the Candidate’s Forum, “Every problem has a solution!”. To that end, I have come up with several creative and fun ways to get my message out. Once I reach these people with my ideas and solutions, they will vote for me, Patric Hayes, City Council Position 7, this coming November 2nd.​​​​​​​

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