This Time The Citizens Win!
I am on YOUR side. It's not us or them. It's all of us.
I want the city to watch every penny of YOUR (and my) money spent. I want the city to be open and transparent. I want them to not only be ethical but go beyond what a normal person would be ethical about. I want the city to be efficient and respectful to everyone it does business with. I want them to uphold its ordinances and failing that, remove them. I’m sure you will agree we have some outdated ordinances and we should clean up the books. We're here to get a job done, not make deals and scratch backs.
If anyone thinks I'm in someone's pocket or is beholden to them, all I have to say is you don't know me. I've always marched to the beat of a different drummer. I follow my own path, my own ideas and goals.
To that point, I have stated that I will not take any campaign contributions. I believe in myself enough that I am doing this on my own dime. 
I see my opponent has registered as a full reporting candidate. I assume he will take contributions but I may be wrong. I can't understand why any candidate would spend over $15,000 to hold an elected position. There's something inherently wrong with that.
I look forward to working with every single council member and the mayor. I will hold them to the same standards I set for myself.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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