Elect Patric Hayes 
Ocean Shores City Council - Position #7
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A government, in which all citizens participate, makes for a healthy prosperous community.
As Director of Operations for a high tech company responsible for millions of dollars in revenue, as a business owner and software developer, I have spent over 40 years solving problems. I’m trained to take complex problems and break them down to manageable, solutions making them efficient and cost effective.
Ocean Shores wants and needs change. I will include every citizen and taxpayer in the financial decisions for our city. I will achieve this is by having frequently scheduled town halls, community meetings and utilizing social media.
It is the duty of the city to provide essential services for all residents. I am fiscally conservative. Prudent spending of taxpayers’ money will be my highest priority.
I will support our business community by providing an environment that allows them to grow and prosper. This will be accomplished by working with my Council colleagues to review our current ordinances on an ongoing basis. We can and will eliminate outdated ordinances and clarify conflicting ones.
To restore and foster trust between the citizens and our city will result in a more enjoyable and prosperous community.
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